randallCanada’s most recognized prognosticator, Randall the Handle’s columns have appeared nationally for the past 20+ years, with the previous 11 years in Sun Media/QMI newspapers across the country. Prior to joining The Sun family in 2004, Randall was with Canada’s prestigious national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. ‘The Handle’, as he is affectionately known to readers across the continent, has provided selections on pro football and other professional sports during that time period. His gaming columns appear regularly in Sun and affiliate newspapers nationwide.

Randall regularly appears on radio, television and in various newspapers and magazines as an adviser, columnist and expert on gaming and sports wagering. He can be heard locally or via the Internet on Toronto’s all sports radio station, Sportsnet TheFan590 (http://www.sportsnet.ca/590/) on Sunday mornings from August through May as one of co-hosts of the popular sports gaming radio program ‘The Bottom Line’. The Handle’s accomplishments have been documented in numerous publications, including Canada’s esteemed Financial Post Magazine, which featured a piece on his prowess and expertise in beating the Ontario Sports Lotteries.

Randall has continued operating as a consultant and oddsmaker to various gaming entities. He is currently responsible for setting the CFL line that is utilized by all major books throughout the world. He has acted in an advisory capacity to several print publications and local television programs that feature gaming and sports wagering. In addition, he acts as a consultant to several offshore sportsbooks worldwide.